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About Focus Radiotherapy

Welcome to Focus Radiotherapy. We are a New Zealand clinician-owned specialist radiation therapy service which has introduced a new treatment option for New Zealand women in selected cases of early-stage breast cancer.

Intrabeam is an innovative radiation therapy delivery device used to treat women who have undergone breast conserving surgery for breast cancer. The radiation therapy is delivered intra-operatively, into the tumour bed as a single treatment replacing the 15-30 treatments of traditional external beam radiotherapy.

Focus Radiotherapy are proud to have brought the first Intrabeam into New Zealand for the delivery of targeted radiotherapy for women with breast cancer.

This is single intraoperative dose for eligible women with breast cancer replacing the 15-25 daily sessions of whole breast radiotherapy.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age > 45 years
  • Tumour less than 3 cm
  • Grade 1 or 2
  • ER+ve
  • Clinically/imaging node negative

This treatment is available at Southern Cross, North Harbour, Auckland and SX Hospital, Christchurch.



Dr Erica Whineray Kelly
Breast Surgeon

Mr Richard Harman
Breast Surgeon

Dr Maria Pearse
Radiation Oncology Advisor


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