About Dr Lynn Theron

Dr Lynn Theron is one of Clinic 42's amazing co-founders. Lynn received her medical qualifications from Grooteschuur Hospital in Cape Town in 1990 & settled in NZ in 1997 where she obtained her fellowship from the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine and is now an Emergency Medicine Specialist at Auckland City Hospital! Lynn has practiced Appearance Medicine since 1999. As a fellow of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine she keeps abreast of the latest techniques & developments by attending conferences and meeting with international experts. Dr Lynn provides her clients with improved appearance for any aging skin, by treating wrinkles & facial volume with various dermal fillers & botox treatments

Gender: female



Contact Dr Lynn Theron

09 638 4241
321 Manukau Rd

321 Manukau Rd Auckand 1023 New Zealand
Page last updated on 21 July 2020