Anne Kolbe

General Paediatric Surgeon

09 524 6473 Auckland
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Southern Cross Health Insurance Affiliated Provider for Consultations

About Anne Kolbe

I am a general paediatric surgeon with 30 years experience in the public and the private health care sectors. I am married with two adult children.

I have a special interest in caring for young children and their families and together with Dr Graham Knottenbelt (Epsom Anaesthesia) providing a safe and positive surgical experience. An additional part of my practice is in providing care to adolescent young women.

Gender: female


Areas of Specialisation
Hernias & hydrocoeles, undescended testes, umbilical & inguinal hernia, circumcision, paediatric constipation & abdominal pain, skin disorders, labial fusion separation, frenectomy, urinary tract disorders

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for
Consultations, Open repair of epigastric hernia, Open repair of inguinal hernia, Paediatric open repair of inguinal hernia, Paediatric open repair of umbilical hernia, circumcision


ONZM, MBBS (Hons), FRACS, FRCSE (Hon), FRCSEd (Hon), FCSHK (Hon)

Contact Anne Kolbe

09 524 6472
96E Carlton Gore Rd

96E Carlton Gore Rd Auckland 1023 New Zealand