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How to treat fungal nail infections and verrucas without pain or pills

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We improve the quality of life for our patients by dealing to their fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) or verrucas, with a PinPointe laser, usually in three easy treatments for fungal nails and four to treat verrucas, with no pills, pain or side effects
The laser is the most effective way of treating both fungal nail infections and verrucas.

All our clinicians are qualified medical people who have had the appropriate training in the use of the PinPointe FootLaser, and have undertaken a Laser Safety training course.

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  • We treat Onychomycosis and verrucas with a PinPointe FootLaser
  • It is the most effective way of treating both afflictions
  • There are no pills, pain or side effects
  • Usually 3 treatments for fungal nails and 4 for verrucas
  • Each appointment takes about 1 hour for fungal nails and half an hour for verrucas
  • We do not require a doctors referral but like you to have had a positive diagnosis so we know that we are treating the right affliction
  • Is a very attractive alternative to the antibiotics for onychomycosis as it has none of the potential side effects


At your first treatment we will give some valuable information on aftercare and things to do that will mitigate the possibility of getting re-infected. The first treatment costs $500 ($300 if there is only 1 foot or hand to treat), and the following ones are $200 each.

Your clinician will guide you in the best measures and practices to take in order for you to get the best out of the laser therapy.
The cost is $200 for the first treatment and $100 for each of the following ones


All our clinicians are medical professionals who have had full training in the use of the laser and have completed a Laser Safety training course so you know you are in safe hands. We are the only specialist clinic dedicated to the treatment of fungal nail infections (onychoymcosis) and verrucas in NZ

Referral Info

We do not require you to have a doctor or podiatrists referral although we do strongly encourage you to have got a positive diagnosis for both Onychomycosis and verrucas. The reason for this is to be as sure as we can that we are treating something that we can help with.
In the case of Onychomycosis, if the affliction is not a fungal infection then the laser will not help. It could be psoriasis or pseudomonas, for example, both of which can look very much like a fungal infection.
For verrucas, it could be corns.

If you have a copy of your lab test results please bring that along to your first appointment


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