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You can overcome hearing loss and regain confidence to use the phone again with CapTel NZ.

Why CapTel?
If you struggle to hear on the phone, then CapTel will help you use the phone with confidence and reconnect you with the life you love. With CapTels captioned phone services, you can be sure of what your callers are saying every time.

How does it work?
Your calls are automatically connected to a specially-trained operator who transcribes what is said by the other person. You can hear the person calling you and read the captions on the phone. A CapTel phone is a physical device with a screen for captions. WebCapTel offers a captioning service for your phone call, which displays on your laptop.

Who is eligible for CapTel?
Anyone in New Zealand who finds it difficult to communicate on the phone because of a hearing impairment, or if they find they are missing parts of the conversation on the phone. No audiology assessments are required and the services can be used for work or personal use.


CapTel NZ captions support you to read on screen what you missed hearing on the phone.

CapTelNZ provides two types of captioned services:

  • A CapTel phone is a captioned telephone that connects to the internet and displays captions of your conversation while youre speaking. Just like an ordinary phone, you listen to what the other person says and respond, but with one major difference - what they say is also displayed on a screen for you to read.
  • WebCapTel enables you to use your normal landline or mobile phone and read the captions on your computer. No special equipment required. This option is ideal for the workplace, or people on the go, as it connects directly to your laptop or computer. You can use this from home too.

Heres just a few reasons you should consider CapTel:

  • The captions help fill in the gaps
  • Understand callers who have accents or who are quietly spoken
  • Even when the callers environment is noisy, you can read the captions
  • Caller ID allows you to see who is calling
  • You can save the captions from the call
  • The caller wont even have to know youre using CapTel

Contact us to today to get a CapTel phone in your home risk free for 30 days to see if it's right for you.

Sign up to Web CapTel now for free at http://webcaptel.captel.co.nz/registration.asp



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