Skin Services

Common skin conditions treated by dermatologists include psoriasis, eczema, acne, allergy testing and skin cancer. A range of other specialists also provide skin cancer services. Some dermatologists also provide cosmetic services.

Laser treatments can include hair removal, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, wrinkles, tattoos, scars, pigmentation disorders.

Skin Cancer

A wide range of medical specialists provide services relating to skin cancer, including dermatologists, general surgeons, head & neck sugeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.


Dermatologists are concerned with conditions and disorders of the skin, hair and nails that are treated either medically or surgically. Common dermatological ailments are eczema, skin cancer (melanoma), psoriasis, fungal infections and acne.


An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person’s immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment.

Cosmetic Surgery

Including skin grafting and scar revision, facelift, neck lift, brow lift, laser resurfacing, botox, collagen and other fillers.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is used to treat skin cancer, especially basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. Mohs surgery aims to remove all the cancerous tissue and as little of the healthy tissue as possible. It is especially useful when the shape and depth of the tumour is not clear.

Varicose Veins

A varicose vein is a swollen, twisted vein, usually near the skin surface in the leg. They can be unsightly and cause tired, heavy or painful limbs. In severe cases, the veins can rupture, or open sores (varicose ulcers) can form on the skin. Often, the varicose veins are removed to let blood flow through the remaining healthy veins. This can be done by surgery (vein stripping) or by a non-invasive procedure called sclerotherapy.