Men's Health

Including bowel cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, sleep apnoea and snoring, infertility, heart attack, alcohol and drug addiction, depression, melanoma, stroke and alzheimer’s.

Prostate Cancer

The PSA blood test is commonly done to screen men for prostate cancer and may often detect cancers before they cause any symptoms. Prostate biopsy (taking tissue samples) is used to confirm a cancer diagnosis and assess it. Prostate cancer treatment varies depending on the stage of the disease.


Although diabetes is a chronic (lifelong) condition, it can be controlled. The immediate aim is to lower high blood glucose levels and treat diabetic ketoacidosis (when the body cannot use glucose as a fuel fat is used instead; by-products of fat breakdown, called ketones, build up in the body). Long-term aims are to reduce symptoms and prevent diabetes-related complications such as blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and amputation of limbs. These goals are accomplished through: blood pressure and cholesterol control; medication or insulin use; self-testing of blood glucose levels; exercise; foot care; meal planning and weight control; education and support.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea involves periods when you partly or completely stop breathing for more than 10 seconds while asleep. The episode is followed by a sudden gasp or snort when breathing resumes. Then, snoring starts again. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a common treatment. CPAP is delivered by a machine with a tight-fitting face mask. It aims to decrease snoring and prevent sleep apnoea.


Male infertility can occur when there is a blockage in the tube that carries the sperm, if not enough sperm is made, or if the sperm is not good quality, making it hard or impossible to conceive a child naturally. Fertility providers in NZ can offer both private and publicly funded treatments. Treatment options include ovulation induction, intra uterine insemination, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), donor options and surrogacy.

General Reproductive Medicine

Male Infertility

Heart Specialist or Cardiologist

A Cardiologist or Heart Specialist specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects (defects in the structure of the heart and other blood vessels present at birth), coronary artery disease, heart failure, diseases of the heart valves and electrophysiology (the electrical activities of the heart).

Services offered can include: electrocardiogram (ECG), blood tests, coronary angiogram, pacemaker implantation, assessment and treatment of arrhythmia and many more.

Skin Cancer

A wide range of medical specialists provide services relating to skin cancer and melanoma, including dermatologists, general surgeons, head & neck sugeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Counselling – Addictions, Drug & Alcohol, Smoking & Gambling

Counselling services including group and individual.