Below you can find businesses nationwide providing optometry related services. They may employ both Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, both are registered health practitioners providing different eye services.

Optometrists conduct eye exams, diagnose eye disease or other conditions, and prescribe glasses or other optical appliances for defects in sight. Optometrists are qualified to provide all aspects of primary eye health care. Under New Zealand law only a registered optometrist may use the title optometrist and prescribe glasses or contact lenses. An optometrist may also prescribe or sell a range of medicines for treating eye infections and allergies.

Dispensing opticians interpret prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, give advice to the patient in selecting spectacle lenses, spectacle frames (including their fitting), contact lenses, and dispense your optical appliance. A dispensing optician is able to dispense an optical prescription written by an optometrist. This may include taking facial measurements and the giving of advice on lenses and frames. An optical dispenser does not examine eyes or write prescriptions.

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