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About Beehyve

About Us
Beehyve is an Adult ADHD centric clinic providing a growing list of online services & practitioners nationwide. We support the specific needs & wellbeing of adults living with suspected ADHD symptoms, or those diagnosed with ADHD. We treat the whole person, not simply ADHD, but hold ADHD central to our understanding of the client. Our clients have shared they feel heard, free from judgment and supported to change their lives.


Our range of services include:
An Adult Focus. 18yrs and over.
Parent Coaching
Group Coaching
ADHD Assessment
Sensory Assessment
Executive Assessment
GP Services (Specific to ADHD)
More Services are being added


GP, Special Interest ADHD
Counsellors who are fully qualified, registered and practised in a range of methodologies
Adult ADHD Coaches
Parent Coaches to offer support for your journey in parenting with ADHD.
Nutritionist to guide you towards better health by helping you understand how you can best nurture yourself.
Naturopath to support and guidance to restore your bodys balance through lifestyle changes, nutrition and herbal medicine
Occupational Therapists
Social Worker/Health Improvement Practitioner
And our team continues to grow

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