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03 355 3750 Canterbury
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About Dr Iain Melton

Iain is a consultant cardiologist / cardiac electrophysiologist at Christchurch Hospital and with the Christchurch Heart Group. After training as a cardiologist in Christchurch Hospital, he undertook subspecialty training in Cardiac Electrophysiology at MCV Hospitals in the United States with Dr Kenneth Ellenbogen – a leading authority on cardiac pacing and device therapy.

Iain’s speciality is the medical and interventional management of heart rhythm disorders. Particular areas of interest include atrial fibrillation, investigation of palpitations, ablation of abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac pacing / device therapy, and the management of syncope. In addition to these areas, he is active in all aspects of general cardiology.

Gender: Male


Areas of Specialisation

General Cardiology, Heart Failure, Heart Rhythm Disorders, Atrial Fibrillation, Cardiac Device Therapy

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Hospitals Practising at

St George’s

Contact Dr Iain Melton

03 355 3751
Lvl 1, Milford Chambers, St Georges Hosp
249 Papanui Rd

Private Bag 4737,
Christchurch 8140

249 Papanui Rd Christchurch 8014 New Zealand
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