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About Hernia Centre

The Hernia Centre is a Christchurch based specialist surgical clinic at the forefront of the effective treatment and management of all types of hernias. Our specialist surgeons are experts in the treatment of patients with inguinal, femoral, umbilical, incisional and hiatus hernias.

Experienced Specialist Surgeons

Our team of specialist surgeons were among the very first in the South Island to repair hernias using laparoscopic or keyhole surgery, a technique that has since revolutionised hernia surgery.

Our team of specialist surgeons have performed thousands of operations using this revolutionary approach to surgical care and will ensure that you receive the very best care and the very best results.

Southern Cross Healthcare Affiliated & Registered ACC Providers

Patients of Southern Cross Health Insurance can have their hernias repaired for a guaranteed price at Southern Cross Hospital if the surgery is performed by a Hernia Centre surgeon.

The Hernia Centre is also a registered Accident Compensation Corporation provider with contracts at both St George's Hospital and Southern Cross Hospital for laparoscopic and other hernia operations.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our patients receive the benefit of the Hernia Centre's state-of-the-art procedures and equipment. Emphasis is placed on modern layout, efficient patient flows and a hi-tech operating room environment. All this ensures that you get the highest standards of care, that your time in surgery is minimised and that your recovery is both as rapid and as pain-free as is possible.



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