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About Hinengaro Clinic

The Hinengaro Clinic specialises in the assessment and management of memory problems, dementia, complex medical and psychiatric problems in older adults. We offer expertise in all the phases of such problems including pre-symptomatic, assessment of risk and management, diagnosis and treatment specialising in late-life medical problems and mental health issues.

From the comfort of your home or our Auckland Clinic, we work alongside you, designing programmes to manage risk for those who are highly susceptible to developing memory problems and assisting in improving their memory functioning. Optimising personal physical and mental health are at the core of such programmes. Our team of experts are available to provide individualised programmes in all situations. This coordination of efforts is what makes the Hinengaro Clinic unique in the service it provides.

Appointments at our Clinic are based from 12 Auckland Road, St Heliers, Auckland, 1071.

In-home consultations are available on request.



  • Dementia Prevention
  • Memory Problems
  • Dementia Diagnosis and Management
  • Management of Dementia-related Issues
  • Complex Medical & Psychiatric Issues Management

Our Team:

Gregory Winkelmann

Dr Mark Fisher

Dr Yu-Min Lin

Lynne O'Sullivan

Bonnie Chuang

Tracey Harrington
Occupational Therapist



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