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About St John Medical Alarms

Good news, choosing a medical alarm is simple.

St John is New Zealand's leading medical alarm provider.

About Us
With a St John Medical Alarm, were like part of the family.
We all enjoy our independence and a St John Medical Alarm gives New Zealanders and their families peace of mind around the clock. Become a part of the family now and sign up for a free* trial with the only medical alarm that connects directly to St John.
* Free trial period is up to 30 days only

You can recommend a St John Medical Alarm to all patients.
GP's play a key role in the medical alarm assessment process. That is why we thought you should know that St John remains an accredited supplier for patients qualifying for Government support.

If you are like most GP's and prefer to recommend a St John Medical Alarm*, you can do so with confidence to all patients - funded and non-funded.

Refer your patient for an in home demonstration by one of our Home Health Representatives.

Its easy to refer patients to St John with our medical alarm e-referral system.

Call us to find out how.
Call 0800 50 23 23
Visit http://www.stjohnmedicalalarms.co.nz

*IMS GP omnibus research, October 2015


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