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About ReVision

Re:Vision Cataract, Laser & Cornea specialists is a new modern eye clinic & surgery centre located 50m from the Sylvia Park off-ramp in Auckland. The team are available to treat urgent patient requests, corneal foreign body, dry eye, cataract, pterygium, keratoconus, allergy, laser vision correction, red eye etc.
Dr Trevor Gray & Dr Mo Ziaei with their Re:Vision Team are ready to go the extra mile to serve you and your patients.

Under the Auckland Regional Charity Hospitals umbrella, Trevor, Mo and the team donate their skills, providing free cataract surgery to patients in need across NZ who have been denied access to Publicly funded Cataract surgery. Its simply Re:Visions way of making excellence in eye care available to all those who need it.


What we do:
Red eye
Dry eye
Cataract surgery
Corneal foreign body
LASIK laser vision correction

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for
for selected services



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6C Pacific Rise
Mt Wellington

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