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Our goal at is to help you return to your previous level of functioning.

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About Working Hands

Working Hands is a privately-owned clinic that specialises in managing conditions of the lower arm; hand, wrist and elbow.

The Working Hands Clinic was founded in 2005. It was the first Private Hand Therapy Clinic operating within the Southern Suburbs and was established in response to a gap in specialist hand therapy services particularly servicing the Southern and Eastern residents of Wellington.

From the humble beginnings of operation as a sole trader and having three children in between, this clinic has now grown to include three highly experienced Registered Hand Therapists who proudly hold over 55 years of experience between them.

As a holder of the ACC Hand Therapy Contract, patients eligible for ACC will be covered for their consultation and splinting costs.


Below are some of the most common conditions we see:

  • fractures
  • strains/sprains
  • dislocations
  • tendon repairs
  • nerve repairs
  • amputations
  • arthritis
  • work-related injuries
  • pain
  • paediatric conditions
  • neurological (eg, post-stroke)
  • post-surgical conditions (eg, Dupuytrens)

Management techniques will include advice regarding:

  • Active/passive range of motion exercises
  • Oedema control
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Pain management
  • Sensory re-education training
  • Desensitisation techniques
  • Wound/scar management
  • Functional assessments and management
  • Splinting
  • Modifying tasks/adaptive aids

Referral Info

No referral is required.

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