Dr Campbell Emmerton

09 242 2100 Auckland
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About Dr Campbell Emmerton

Dr Campbell Emmerton is a NZ-trained specialist psychiatrist in private practice in Auckland specialising in the assessment and care of early to late adults.

Dr Emmerton sees patients for assessment and care about anxiety, mood, neuro-developmental and post-traumatic disorders, and psychoses. Consultation and professional liaison about medical illness and pre-surgical (transplant, bariatric and reconstructive) contexts are also among his specialist interest. He has extensive history in independent assessment and medico-legal reporting for ACC, third parties, Courts and immigration applications.
Family and consented carer participation is welcomed, amid Dr Emmertons conscious commitment to all peoples identity, culture and diversity.

Gender: Male


Areas of Specialisation
General Adult, Consultation-Liaison & neuropsychiatry; anxiety, mood, traumatic & psychotic disorders. Seeing young to late adults, corporates, tertiary students to senior colleagues for professional supervision. Psychotherapy for grief, identity & role transition, conflict resolution. Healthcare enterprise, private service leadership



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