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Manaaki By Mercy – Endoscopy, Endoscopy specialists in Maori Hill, Dunedin, New Zealand.

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An Endoscopist performs an Endoscopy. This involves examining the inside of the body with an endoscope, a lighted, flexible instrument that has a small camera on the tip. There are many types of endoscopes, and endoscopy, named according to the organs or areas they are used to examine (e.g. arthroscopy examines joints; bronchoscopy examines the lungs; cystoscopy examines the bladder and urethra; laparoscopy may examine the ovaries, appendix or other abdominal organs; colonoscopy examines the bowel). An endoscope is passed through a natural body opening (e.g. mouth) or a small incision. Small instruments can be inserted through an endoscope and used to take samples of tissues for analysis (biopsy), to remove material (e.g. removing polyps during a colonoscopy), or to carry out a surgical procedure.


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