Dr Suniti Bisht

Consultant Allergy Paediatrician

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About Dr Suniti Bisht

Dr Suniti Bisht is currently a Consultant Paediatrician with Special interest in Allergy at Waikato Hospital. She completed training as a Paediatrician in London, UK and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Child Health (RCPCH) UK. She has a postgraduate degree (M.Sc. Allergy) from Imperial College, London and 10 years of extensive experience in treating children with Allergies.

She moved to New Zealand in 2017 and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians ( RACP) as well as a member of ASCIA (Australasian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), the peak body for Allergies in Australia and New Zealand.

Being a mum of two she shares the concerns and stresses of parents striving to ensure the best care possible for their kids, and contribute to children growing up healthy and happy.

Hospitals Practicing at: Anglesea

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Areas of Specialisation
Paediatric Allergy

Paediatric allergy service: Diagnosis, investigations and management of Food allergies, food intolerance, anaphylaxis, allergic skin disorders, and allergic rhinitis.
Advise on Allergy prevention
Oral desensitization to environmental allergens.


Skin Prick Test: Performed by dropping a small amount of the allergen on to the skin of your forearm which is then scratched into the skin. The test is not painful. The results of the test are available within 15 minutes and will be discussed with you in the appointment.

Relevant Inhalant allergens in New Zealand for Skin prick test

  • House dust mite (D. pteronyssinus)
  • Grasses (Ryegrass, Timothy Grass, 5 Grass Mix), Birch, Plantain
  • Moulds (Individually) - Alternaria, Aspergillus
  • Dog & Cat

Food allergens commonly tested by skin prick test
Milk,Eggs, Peanut, Tree nuts, Wheat, Soy, Fish & shellfish

Blood tests ( Specific IgE tests)
If the allergen is not available for SPT then a blood test may be requested.

Prevention of Allergic Disease

Individualized Management Plan

  • Advice on Dietary modification eg Prescription of low allergy formula
  • Allergen avoidance advise
  • Desensitization ( Oral Immunotherapy )

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for Selected Services


MB BS 1995; MRCPCH 2001; CCT (UK) Paeds 2011; FRCPCH 2015; MSc Allergy, Imperial College, UK 2012; FRACP 2019 ( Aus& NZ) - Paediatrics

Contact Dr Suniti Bisht

07 808 4257
66 Alison St
Hamilton Lake

07 808 4257
Anglesea Hospital
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Anglesea Hospital, Knox Clinic
PO Box 228,
Waikato Mail Centre
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