Midland Paediatric Specialists

0800 250 257 Waikato , Bay of Plenty
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About Midland Paediatric Specialists

Midland Paediatric Specialists are a group of paediatricians who provide comprehensive child health services, including diagnosis, investigation and management.

Languages spoken:
English, Hindi, Sindhi and Tamil

Dr Dave Graham
Dr Mark Huddart
Dr Ari Kannivelu
Dr Suniti Bisht
Dr Sneha Sadani

Female Doctor Available
Parking Available
Disability Access


Services Provided for 0-15 years:

  • General paediatrics
  • Immigration health check
  • Gastrointestinal concerns
  • Headaches
  • Musculoskeletal complaints
  • Childhood epilepsy
  • Neurodevelopmental assessment
  • ADHD and behavioural concerns
  • Paediatric allergy service
  • Paediatric cardiology service
  • Respiratory paediatrics

Gastrointestinal concerns: Gastro-oesophageal reflux, infant feeding issues, concerns around growth and abdominal pain

Paediatric allergy service: Food allergies, food intolerance, anaphylaxis, allergic skin disorders, urticarial and hay fever.

Paediatric cardiology service (Waikato Heart, Suite 1): Heart murmur, cyanosis, suspected congenital, inherited and acquired heart diseases, syncope, chest pain and palpitations

Respiratory paediatrics: Wheeze, asthma, persistent/recurrent cough/chest infections

Telehealth option is available based on clinical problem

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for
As above



Dr Stephen Adams

Dr Suniti Bisht
Allergy, Infant feeding issues

Dr David Graham
Respiratory Diseases, General Paediatrics, ADHD, Gastrointestinal concerns, headaches, concussion syndrome, epilepsy, tics

Dr Mark Huddart
Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Disorders, General Paediatrics, ADHD, Gastrointestinal concerns, headaches, concussion syndrome, epilepsy, tics, respiratory problems

Dr Ari Kannivelu
Cardiology, General Paediatrics, Immigration Health Check, Gastro-intestinal concerns, headaches, concussion syndrome, fainting, chest pain/palpitations, respiratory problems

Dr Askar Kukkady

Dr Sneha Sadani
Neurodevelopment, ADHD & behavioural disorders, autistic spectrum, epilepsy

Dr Udaya Samarakkody

Referral Info

Please bring your child health record with recent growth parameters and immunization record.

It's also recommended to bring any current medications and/or prescriptions for reference.

Please note that any child referred to the group or an individual may be triaged to an appropriate consultant based on their sub-speciality interest and availability, unless family have a particular preference.


Contact Midland Paediatric Specialists

07 808 4257
66 Alison St
Hamilton Lake

66 Alison St Hamilton 3204 New Zealand