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Physio - Injury Prevention - Exercise - Rehab - Wellness
Founded over thirty years ago, Active+ is New Zealands largest 100% New Zealand owned multi-disciplinary rehabilitation supplier. Our vision is to be the leading brand of integrated multi-disciplinary health clinicians, and we strive to achieve this through our commitment to provide a seamless, quality orientated, interdisciplinary experience for our clients which enables them to meet their full potential.

Active+ has a growing network of clinics and clinicians across Aotearoa, delivering services to New Zealanders every day in their workplaces, in their homes and from our clinics. Our current 900+ clinicians across both the North and South Islands represent many disciplines including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, counselling, rehabilitation nursing, dietetics, social work, vocational counselling, cultural advisors, and medical doctors across a range of specialities. Our franchised clinics span across over 20 sites from Northland to Manawatu delivering physiotherapy and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services to New Zealand communities.

With a focus on person and whānau-centred quality services, the team at Active+ is committed to keeping your body and mind A+, whether at work or at play. Active+ can help with almost anything in terms of prevention, rehabilitation and wellness.



  • Physiotherapy
  • ACC and Private Musculoskeletal Physio
  • Specialist Sports Physiotherapy
  • Injury Prevention Management
  • Pain Management
  • ACC Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Joint mobilisation/manipulation
  • Assessment of community support needs
  • Psychology and Neuropsychology assessment
  • Wellness and occupational health
  • Trigger point massage/release and Soft tissue massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Stretching exercise regimes
  • Pilates and core stability
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Postural and movement re-education

*Services may vary at each location,
please call before booking

contact Active+ Physiotherapy

0800 224 486

Suite 12, 72 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

PO Box 96246, Balmoral, Auckland 1342


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