About Proactive

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About Proactive

Proactive, providing Physiotherapy treatment services throughout NZ.


Proactive offer a full suite of integrated health, rehabilitation and wellbeing services including physiotherapy, occupational health, pain management, return to work programmes, concussion, social & community rehabilitation, wheelchair & housing modification.

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Concussion Service
We provide early access and timely assessment for people who have sustained a mild (concussion) or moderate traumatic injury or who have post-concussion syndrome.

Rehabilitation Services:
Proactive offers a full suite of integrated health, rehabilitation and wellbeing services including:
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for pre-surgery physical conditioning and treatment, post surgical rehabilitation, physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation for clients on the conservative pathway
Pain Management for clients presenting with psychosocial risk factors for chronicity. This is a fully funded service for ACC injuries where a client scores above 50 / 100 in the Orebro short Form Questionnaire (Access to the Orebro Short Form and Referral Form can be found here: http://proactive4health.co.nz/primary-care-allied-health-medical-professional-referral-form/)
Community Rehabilitation and Training for Independence Programmes for clients requiring post surgical assistance in managing self care and activities of daily living. This is a fully funded service requiring ACC Case Management approval.

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