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Robotic surgery can offer benefits for Southern Cross patients

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About Southern Cross Hospitals Robotic Surgery

Robotically-assisted surgery is available at Southern Cross Auckland and Christchurch hospitals. Advanced da Vinci® surgical systems are currently installed at our Brightside hospital and North Harbour campus in the Auckland region. Skilled surgeons operating at all these facilities are trained and accredited to use our leading edge systems.

The da Vinci® surgical system offers advanced optics and extremely precise control of advanced surgical instruments for specialists performing highly delicate, minimally invasive procedures.

The benefits for patients can be a faster recovery time, a reduction in pain and a reduced risk of complications. Robotic surgery may offer patients an appropriate option across a number of surgical specialties, which can also translate to a faster return to health and work.

Medical practitioners with patients who might benefit from surgery using the da Vinci® system can contact one of the appropriate accredited surgeons for more information. Contact details and website resources are included here for convenience - and are also available within Southern Cross website.

For more information visit southerncrosshospitals.co.nz


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