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Robotically assisted surgery can offer significant benefits for patients

Our Auckland and Christchurch hospitals offer facilities for leading surgeons trained and accredited to use our advanced robotically assisted surgical systems. Our three da Vinci® systems in these regions offer skilled specialists advanced optics and precise control of surgical instruments while performing highly delicate procedures.

Robotic surgery may offer patients a minimally invasive option across a number of urological and urogynaecological procedures* including prostatectomy, and kidney-sparing surgery, where this is judged to be appropriate for them. The benefits of these services for patients can be a shorter hospital stay, a faster recovery time, reduction in pain and reduced risk of complications.
General practitioners can contact accredited specialists operating using da Vinci® at our Christchurch campus and our Brightside and North Harbour facilities in Auckland for referral information.

*Surgical procedures may vary in different regions, depending on specialist practice.


Medical specialists using da Vinci® robotic surgery systems:
Dr Jason Du
Dr Chris Hawke
Dr Mike Mackey
Dr David Merrilees
Dr Mischel Neill
Dr Morgan Pokorny
Dr Simon van Rij
Dr Andrew Williams
Assoc. Prof. Kamran Zargar
Urologist & Urogynaecologist
Dr Eva Fong

Dr Kevin Bax
Dr Nicholas Buchan
Dr Peter Davidson
Dr Frank Kueppers

Medical specialists providing services may vary and list accuracy will be subject to publication timing.


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