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About UniSports Ortho Ltd

UniSports Ortho Ltd are Sports Medicine specialists in St Johns, Auckland, New Zealand.

The following description is a generic description for the category and does not necessarily reference all the services/ procedures offered by UniSports Ortho Ltd.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses related to sports, exercise, recreational activities, and also those suffered by people in the performing arts such as musicians and dancers. It is involved with sports and overtraining injuries (e.g. repetitive strain injuries, knee injuries), sports nutrition, airways and breathing difficulties in sports (e.g. asthma), and exercise and rehabilitation programmes.

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09 521 9812
261 Morrin Rd
St Johns

PO Box 18067,
Glen Innes
Auckland 1743

261 Morrin Rd Auckland 1072 New Zealand