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About Auckland Bone Density Service

Auckland Bone Density was formed in 1994 by clinical, academic and research bone specialists to advance e ective prevention and treatment of osteoporosis to help avoid its fracture complications. Bone density measurements are used to indicate bone strength and to allow our Specialists to guide the programs for the referring doctor to help manage their patients.

Auckland Bone Density uses DXA, a high technology measurement technique that is the leading research and clinical method worldwide. This allows measurements of bone density at the spine, both hips and if necessary the forearm and total body. Total body composition studies are also available for fat and muscle (lean mass) measurements.


Detection, prevention & treatment of Osteoporosis

DXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry): The DXA measurement technique is the most accurate and precise measurement of your bone mineral density. At present it is the gold standard technique throughout the world and used in all major trials of new treatments for the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis. The standard test is on the hip regions and the spine, with addition or substitution of a forearm measurement in some cases.

The measurement at the hip and spine regions is chosen for several reasons. Firstly, people with osteoporosis have a greater chance of fracturing these bones and secondly such fractures can cause more serious problems, including long recovery time, greater pain and even disability. BMD test results in the hip and spine can predict the likelihood of future fractures not only in these bones, but also in other bones throughout your skeleton.

DXA bone density tests are non-invasive meaning that no needles or instruments are placed through the skin or body. You can remain fully dressed and the tests, including you answering an important clinical questionnaire usually take no more than 30 minutes. A repeat bone density using the same testing equipment and at the same branch will provide the most accurate comparison with your last test result. However, this is not always possible and the accuracy of the machines at all the Auckland Bone Density branches is checked for comparability once yearly. Reasonable comparisons can be made however with the measurements from other machines from other providers.

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Owned & led by clinical endocrinologists & research bone specialists. Endocrinologist reports & recommendations on all scans. All our Technicians are accredited by the Australia & NZ Bone & Minneral Society


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