About Healthvision NZ Ltd

Healthvision was established in 1999 by Sue Doherty, a registered nurse who identified a need for quality & responsive home-based care services. Today, Healthvision is still family-owned & continues to support grassroots action as well as values community-based & family-oriented healthcare. Healthvision offers a suite of services including nursing, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, home support, health & wellbeing. By combining services, Healthvision can deliver more efficient healthcare, which results in better outcomes for service users.


Homecare services:
Help at Home
Personal Care
Live in Support
Meal preparation
Serious Injury Services
Support for complex, short or long-term needs
Grocery Shopping
Support with Showering & Dressing
General Household Cleaning

Nursing Services:
Burn + Wound Care (Free with ACC referral)
Care Planning
Serious Injury Support
24-7 clinical care
Personalised Service
Medication Management
Serious Injury Nursing Support
Pressure Injury prevention & Management
Medication, Bowel & Catheter Cares

Rehabilitation Services:
ACC Assessments
ACC Training for Independence
Specialist Neurological Rehabilitation
Our Service Expertise includes:
Home Support
Spinal Cord Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury
Other Serious Injuries such as burns
Cerebral Palsy
Palliative Care
Burn & Wound Care

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