Home & Disability Support

Nursing Services

Includes wound care, stomal therapy & catheter care, continence management, medication management, private and ACC funded, palliative care, diabetes service, registered nurses.

Respite Care

Respite care can be in home to avoid your loved one having to go into a rest home or facility / hospital. Everyday and crisis respite care.

Rehabilitation Services

Includes rehabilitation for concussion or head injury, psychology services, pain management services, vocational rehabilitation, speech & language therapists, physiotherapists, neuro-psychologist, educational psychologist, visits at home or work.

Disability Services

Includes in home support and care for people living with a disability, pacifica services, workplace support, individual support plans, residential services.

Disability & Mobility Products

Aids for daily living, bathroom safety, hire mobility equipment, sensory support services, incontinence management and special needs products, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, oxygen, bidets, beds, ramps.

Home Care Providers & Support Services

Including nursing services, personal care, household assistance, ACC home support, short term or long term, sleep over, meal preparation, care for young and old, care of the disabled, rehabilitation support, MS and Parkinsons, post op rehabilitation.