Accommodation Options

Including rest homes, hospitals, dementia care homes, retirement villages, respite care and hospices.

Rest Homes, Hospitals & Dementia Care Homes

If you or a family member are looking to enter a rest home there are two key processes you need to know about – the needs assessment and the financial assessment.

If you do not have a needs assessment or do not meant the eligibility criteria following a financial means assessment then you will have to personally pay the full cost of residential care.

Retirement Villages

There is a wide variety in the facilities and services offered by retirement villages, so it is wise to carefully look around and work through a checklist.

Respite Care

There are a range of respite care services available. Respite care can be provided in the home or at a residential facility.


Hospices offer a range of free services while people are undergoing treatment and near the end of life. Hospice is not a building; it is a philosophy of care. Hospice support can be at home or at hospice.