Urodynamic testing is used to determine how well the

urinary system

is working i.e. how the bladder, sphincters and urethra hold and release urine and if they are any leaks or blockages. Results from these tests help to find the cause of problems related to

loss of urine control

, the bladder not fully emptying,



intermittent urine flow

and recurrent

urinary tract infections

. A urologist will indicate the need for urodynamic testing for patients. Tests include


, which is the measurement of urine speed and volume, measurement of the remaining urine in the bladder post urination using an




into the bladder via urethra and a


or measurement of bladder pressure as it fill with fluid. Some urodynamic tests may be done with

imaging technology

to take images of the bladder filling and emptying. A single antibiotic is given to prevent infection after urodynamic testing.

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