Pancreatic Surgery



is a small but vitally important organ that lies across the back of the abdomen behind most of the other organs in your stomach. It has two very important functions: firstly it makes enzymes (digestive juices) that are released into your intestines (gut) to enable you to break down and absorb nutrients from your food. Secondly, it makes hormones that are released into the blood stream which control the metabolism of sugars in your bloodstream and around your body. If the pancreas is not working properly these two sets of functions often break down. Many pancreatic disorders have few obvious or specific symptoms. When the pancreas is inflamed (e.g. acute


) it often causes pain, this is usually felt in the central or upper part of the abdomen and is often associated with back pain. The pain may be sharp, aching or burning in nature. A

General Surgeon

deals with a range of conditions and cancers that may require either open or laproscopic surgery.

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